As a community, we love to see people's lives tranformed through the love of Jesus. Transformation happens when we receive God's love and let it influence our entire being. Here are just a few stories from people in our community who have experienced the transforming power of God's love.


Listen to Ole's story about failure and sadness — and how he ultimately found forgiveness, grace, happiness, and freedom.


pernille share about the new life she received when she encountered god's grace.



Listen to emily share about how her faith helped put her back on the right course and how god worked in her life through the church and her life group.



Listen to henning share how faith is personal and how it should be experienced and shared.



Hør Simon fortælle om, hvordan troen er personlig, og hvordan den skal opleves, mærkes og deles.



For three years, Torsten lived in pain with Osteoarthritis, seeking relief through pills, exercise, and physical therapy. However, he was instantaneously healed at a conference with randy clark — without even seeking a miracle. 



Pia shares her story about how god healed her at a meeting with Randy clark.



Listen to samuel share how he became a member of our church and how that began a new process in his life.