Church on a Sunday


Danish worship service
We have worship in Danish every Sunday at. 10.30 in the Culture Room. Every Sunday morning, the congregations meet the various genres of worship. The worship begins at. 10.30 and collects approx. 400 people. A worship service consists of a sermon, prayer, song and music. The worship service translates into English via headsets.

We also want the community of the church to be more than just a worship service. Therefore, we invite everyone to stay and have breakfast in the church's Café Kant. Selected Sundays there will also be an opportunity to participate in various activities after the worship service.

Latino worship
Kl. 10.30, our Latin Department meets a worship service in Spanish and Portuguese.

International worship service
Kl. 13.30 the church's international department meets - the service is in English.

Philippine worship
Kl. 16.30 Is there a service in the Philippine department - the worship service is in English.

Køge department
pm. 10.30 there is also Danish worship service in Køge -

On the last Sunday of the month there is SUPER SUNDAY, where all the church departments are gathered for a joint party service in English and Danish.


Then we would like to give you a special welcome. Contact us at our welcome center. There is a special stand in the church's foyer where we will be ready to receive you.